Начало About Мission


  • Analysis for all hematology diseases, malignant and non-malignant, snapshot of the current situation- access and level of treatments, availability and access to therapies. Are there monitoring and prevention of the complications.
  •  Mapping the key opinion leaders /KOL/- patients and specialists in each country.
  •  Analysis how the healthcare system works, ways and mechanisms of health insurance in each country.
  •  Registries- finding the number of the patients and setting up a continuous contact with them.
  •  Setting up a contact with the health authorities.
  •  Building a network of Coordinators, working in each country.
  •  Collaboration between the Coordinators and KOL. Getting in a close collaboration with active professionals, eager to implement best practices and to improve the level of care in hematology in his/her country.
  •  Analysis of local patient empowerment –how strong is the patient movement in front health authorities.
  •  Educational, practical workshops, regarding the local needs.
  •  Developing programs for the additional complications, like HCV, in partnership with specialists from other health areas.
  •  Positioning of the Hematology as important health sector.
  •  Expert advisory board creation in collaboration with CEL group and EHA.
  •  Blood donation activities encouragement.
  •  Patients rights and advocacy.