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CML Horizons 2015

From 1-3 May 2015, the CML Advocates Network will welcome delegates supporting patients and families affected by Chronic Myeloid Leukemia(CML) to its annual conference CML Horizons that this year will be held in Barcelona (Spain). Delegates from countries worldwide (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America) will learn from medical experts, share best practice in patient advocacy and grow their organization’s capacity. Besides enlightening medical sessions and interesting panel discussions, for the first time an interactive poster session will be held. Furthermore, at this year´s conference a new CML Horizons Steering Committee will be elected.

CML Horizons is a fully community-run and multi-sponsored conference, which has evolved from the „New Horizons“ conferences 2002-2011. The annual conference is run by the CML Advocates Network, hosted by the non-profit, swiss-based and patient-driven „Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation“.